Facelift Reveal Issue – February, 2021



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Facelift Reveal Event
WELCOME… to the kickoff of the new look for the Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan!  Did you notice the new logo?

The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan (RWFM) is excited to announce their Facelift Reveal on Thursday, February 25 from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  You can participate in person or via Zoom.  The in-person event will be held at The Outpouring Cafe in Paw Paw MI and hosted by the Van Buren County Republican Women’s Club.
This event will introduce the new RWFM board and the roll out of the new logo, website, newsletter, sponsorship program and more.  Guest speakers will also be in attendance.
If you missed the live event, you can view excerpts on the RWFM Facebook page.For a flavor of what will be the guiding light for the RWFM president, here is an excerpt of a recent message from her to her board:“If ever we have needed to stand together, it’s now.
I believe.  Our Republican Platform acknowledges God as Supreme. You need to know this is where I stand personally, too.  These aren’t just words on a page to me.
This isn’t over yet. This turbulence isn’t just about President Trump or the election but rather a battle for the soul of our nation. And that is a battle we cannot lose!
Now is when your faith matters.  Are you ready for Crazy Faith to keep standing?
Hold the line.  Pray. Turn off the mainstream media.  Tap into resources that encourage you. Breathe deeply. Take a walk. Seek God and his peace.  HE alone holds the future.”

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President’s Message
How wonderful is this!
I am so proud of the Executive Team, our Committee Chairs and everyone who assisted in the Facebook Reveal Kickoff! So many new items and updates! As I write this prior to the Kickoff, I am already receiving texts and messages about the coming event. Enthusiasm is growing!!

One thing I am sure of: running a state organization takes a team! It is too large a job to be done effectively on the shoulders of one individual.  A huge shout out to Michelle Trosper for using her creative gifts to organize our newsletter each month! She will be contacting and coordinating our articles. Thank you to Voice Media Collective/ Adam McKenley and Derrick Robbins for our new website and logo- so beautiful! Thank you to Rose Rook and VBCRW for hosting our event at The Outpouring Coffeehouse! You will see other contributors by their articles in this issue, so I won’t steal their thunder.        Please continue reading here…

Special Announcement
Two RWFM officers to serve as Michigan’s representatives on the newly formed NFRW Election Integrity Focus Group.

Donna Clarke, 3rd VP and Kathy Paul, Recording Secretary, were nominated by President Robyn Peake and accepted by the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW) to serve as Michigan’s representatives on the newly formed Election Integrity Focus Group. Congratulations, ladies! We look forward to hearing updates and action points to improve the status of Michigan on a go forward basis. Thank you for all you do!

Upcoming Events

March 13 tentative date
Club Presidents and Officer Training

Saturday    2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
520 Seymour Ave, Lansing MI 48933
No charge  |  available in person and on Zoom
Please RSVP to President Robyn : [email protected]
Special training is available for Treasurers.
More details to follow.

 March 7 – Eaton County Republican Women’s Alliance Bowling Fundraiser
Tired of staying at home?  Here is a fun event for Sunday, March 7, 2021.
The Eaton County Republican Women’s Alliance will hold their annual fundraiser at Royal Scot Bowling Alley in Lansing). Bowling will start at 2 p.m. and last until about 5 p.m.  The cost is $100 for a team of four.  This includes lane, shoes, bowling ball, pizza and soft drinks for each person.
Proceeds benefit the Eaton County Republican Women’s Alliance as we work to educate voters, promote principled leadership, and increase the effectiveness of women in the cause of good government.
Click here for Flyer and Registration Form.
Find the event on Facebook.

March 11 – Mid-Michigan RWC Monthly Dinner & Dialogue Meeting
“Women’s History Month” will be our Dinner & Dialogue topic for the March 11 Meeting.
Location:  Spare Time Entertainment, Lansing MI (near Frandor Shopping Mall)
The four guest speakers:
Dawn Crandall, President of MEPSS,
Robyn Peake, RWFM President,
Madhu Anderson, Director of Governmental Relations at The Nature Conservancy in Lansing MI, and
Megan Reckling, second term Chair of the Livingston County Republican Party.
Megan has taken on a political and challenging position for Michigan’s Redistricting Boundaries.
All four ladies are graduates of MEPSS (Michigan Excellence In Public Services Series).
Please see attached bios on all four speakers and a link to the Redistricting Volunteer Form MI 2021.

Dinner cost is $18.00, including tax and gratuity. Beverages not included.
For further information or to RSVP, please call Gloria Richards, MMRWC President at 517-349-1626 or email [email protected]
Monthly Meetings are every second Thursday of each month at 6:00pm (except July and August).

March 16 – Legislative Connect!
President Robyn Peake, Treasurer Dawn Crandall and 1st VP Cindi Holland will be joining with House Rep Beth Griffin to engage with our lady legislators in the Republican Caucus in Lansing.

RWFM  Executive Committee Highlight
Meet Cindi Holland, 1st Vice President
I believe the Republican Platform is the best political platform in existence because it recognizes that our rights come from our creator, the almighty God! It also stands for freedom, individual liberty, life and true equality.
The Republican Women’s Federation of Michigan is a wonderful place to meet other strong conservative women who carry the torch that was carried by the women who served before them. Originally this organization was created during the women’s suffrage movement, by Republican women, to secure the women’s right to vote. It was a hard fight but in the end the women prevailed.
I am proud to serve in this organization with my conservative sisters who Love our beautiful country and our awesome God!     Continue reading here.

RWFM Club and President Feature
There are 21 clubs within the RWFM. In this issue, we are happy to feature the Gerald R. Ford Republican Women’s Club who meet in the Grand Rapids MI area. President Kelli Saunders shares these wonderful thoughts…

Republican Women Are a Compassionate Force – We Must Live It!
The Gerald R. Ford Republican Women’s Club was established many years ago and the name gifted by the late President’s family.  The founding members symbolized the very ideals and work ethic of their father’s legacy.  The Ford Women has had a prominent imprint on the community not only politically, but philanthropically since its inception.  President and Mrs. Ford believed in giving back to where they were from – their children carry that on to this day.  Continue reading here

A Look at the Michigan Legislature
As civic-minded Republicans, it’s important that we connect and work with those who serve us in Lansing. This month, let’s get acquainted with Representative Beth Griffin.

Representative Beth Griffin is in her 3rd term, and calls Mattawan, Michigan home. She is a daughter of the King, former teacher and county commissioner, food pantry volunteer, and soccer mom of two awesome teenagers. She enjoys cooking dinner, talking about God and politics, caring for her pet chickens with her daughter, and watching her son fix things around the house (thank the Lord someone knows how to do those things!).
In the Michigan House, she currently serves as Chair of the Workforce, Trades, and Talent Committee. Rep. Griffin also serves on the Transportation, Financial Services, and Communications and Technology Committees.  Continue reading here...

Rising from the Ashes
Inspiring Commentary for African American History Month
By Tamika Morrow
March of 2020 – I had an epiphany. I visited the Charles H. Wright Museum with a few of my friends from church and we toured the slave exhibit. Going through the exhibit was heart wrenching and caused so many uncontrollable tears to be shed. Seeing human beings dehumanized and treated like animals was more than overwhelming to me. It caused my heart to break and shatter into several pieces. This wasn’t my first time going; however, it was this day that God opened my eyes to an entirely different revelation of who I am and how He created us to be as African Americans, another reflection of His glory. I gained a greater appreciation for my ethnicity. To have the grace to rise from the ashes of our past and push through and achieve the many successes we have achieved over the years is phenomenal!       Continue reading here

Sponsor Spotlight!
The following organizations and individuals have generously sponsored the February 25 Facelift Reveal event.  We thank all of you for being a part of this exciting occasion!
Platinum Sponsor
Michigan Excellence In Public Services Series (MEPSS)
Dr. Dawn Dodge
State Rep. Beth Griffin
Silver Sponsor
Republican Women of Benzie County
Zoe & Harold Schuitmaker
Regular Sponsors
Three “silent sponsors”

RWFM Club Membership Renewals 2021 – due March 1
Dues: several Clubs are paid in full- thank you! Two Clubs have requested an extension. All the rest are due by March 1. NFRW shuts off access to their site, etc. for all non-renewed members. RWFM has no control over this.
CLUBS: Please send in what you have today to RWFM Membership at [email protected]
We need name, email address, mailing address and phone number; your payment can follow in the regular mail to RWFM Membership, PO Box 22123, Lansing MI 48909.
Keep your Club in good standing and collect the rest over the next couple weeks.

National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW)
The RWFM and the regular members of its clubs are affiliated with the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW).  What should all the members know about this national organization?  For one thing, it is
Keeping America Strong!
The NFRW unites tens of thousands of Republican women as a collective force to positively impact the direction of our nation.
If you haven’t already done so, please visit the website and see for yourself how your dues are being put to good use.
CLUB PRESIDENTS:  Every local club has a page on the national site, but you need to fill in the blanks – see Directory. When the US map appears, click on Michigan to view the RWFM page.  Continue scrolling until you see a list of the RWFM clubs.  Click on your club.  To fill in the blanks, you need to set up a Login account – see attached instructions.  Update your page as needed.

Another helpful resource is the NFRW newsletter that will keep members up-to-date with current activities.  Here is link for February 15, 2021 issue.

RWFM Membership | Contact Us | Facebook | Website
For RWFM general inquiries or Membership, please send email to [email protected]

Connect with us on Facebook and the RWFM website.

And now meet the ladies who are featured in this issue…

RWFM President Robyn Peake

RWFM 1st Vice President Cindi Holland

Kelli Saunders, President
Gerald R. Ford Republican Women’s Club

Beth Griffin, Michigan House Representative
District 66

Tamika Morrow
RWFM Republican Platform Educator